Our Bid Process
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How We'll Handle Your Bid

Our process of creating an estimate is always detailed. We start by collecting all the pertinent bid documents, including fixture and equipment quotes from suppliers. We will also collect information on your labor costs. We will customize your estimate based on labor and material costs per system, per floor, or per drawing page. We can include these factors in your estimate, along with others:

*Other estimating services may not provide take-off values for these expenses. However, we can include them in your estimate if requested.

Contract and Voluntary Alternates

When you present your bid, the decision-makers may want to see some cost-saving measures in your bid package. If requested, we can calculate the cost of alternate, more cost-effective measures for your estimate. We provide two types: contract alternates, which must be provided with your bid, and voluntary alternates, which can be provided later. These alternates can reassure your clients and give you a leg up on the competition.

Your Customizable Estimate Summary

Once our team has finished calculating labor and material costs, we will present an estimate summary to you. This summary is a living document that is customizable to you. You may add in additional expenses such as equipment and subcontractor costs. This estimate summary gives you the flexibility to plan out your final bid amount.

Formal Proposals

Our team can also create a formal written proposal document for you to present to your client. If the project will require AIA documents, then we can provide the initial G702 and G703 forms if requested.

Our Formal Proposal Includes the Following Factors:

  • Base Bid Amount
  • Quantity & Costs of Labor
  • Quantity & Costs of Fixtures & Equipment
  • Contract Alternate Amounts
  • Voluntary Alternate Amounts
  • Drawing Project Numbers
  • Issue Dates
  • Materials per System
  • And More!

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