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Accurate Plumbing Estimates and Consulting Services (APECServices.com) was formed to service the growing demand for knowledgeable and accurate plumbing estimating services. We only provide estimating services for the plumbing industry.  By providing estimates specifically for plumbing systems, accurate and detailed estimates are provided and are always completed by the date requested.

Our senior plumbing estimator, with more than 40-years of experience, and an experienced support staff have both the field experience as well as the office and computer skills needed for estimating.

We will provide a complete professional comprehensive bid that will lead you to winning more bids.

Project Types

Our estimating services range from smaller jobs starting in the $5,000.00 range to larger projects up to the $10M range. 

Many estimating services cannot or will not provide estimates for commercial remodeling projects such as: Walmart’s, Sam’s Clubs, retail stores, coffee houses, factories, hotels, and more. This is one of the many services that we offer.

We also provide estimating services for new construction projects such as: Box retail facilities, manufacturing facilities, hotels, office buildings, shopping centers, medical clinics (including medical gas piping systems), schools (elementary, high school and college / university), health clubs and sports complexes.

bid Types

Our support staff will collect from you all the pertinent bid documents including your fixture and equipment quotes from your suppliers.  Material (pipe, valves, and fittings) prices will reflect local pricing guidelines and markets.

Each bid will include the quantity of labor (separated by system), the material type and size per system and the quantity of fixtures and equipment per system.

We provide detailed estimates taken off on digitizer boards connected to “QuickPen” estimating software. Your estimates can be customized to reflect labor and material costs per system, per floor or per drawing page. Contract alternates as well as voluntary alternates can be provided and be ready for you to present these alternate prices with your base bid (contract alternates) or after the bid date (voluntary alternates) when you may have an opportunity to provide your potential client with a few money-saving ideas.

Many estimating services cannot provide accurate take-offs related to the excavation and back-filling of sewer system trenches, concrete floor saw-cutting and removal or dirt / concrete spoil removal costs. We will include these costs in your estimate if requested.

An estimate summary will be provided to you so that you can add in any additional costs for your equipment (back-hoes, excavators, front-loaders, scissors and boom lifts, etc.) that you may use on a particular project, any foreman’s time, supervision time, project management time, your sub-contractor bids for pipe insulation, fire-stopping or system identification to name a few.

The estimate summary sheet allows you to make any adjustments to the labor and material costs, the other job-related costs mentioned above and most importantly, the overhead and profit that you want on the bid.

We can provide a formal proposal for each bid.  The proposal will include all drawing project numbers, issue dates, drawing sheets, project location, the base bid amount, any contract alternate amounts, voluntary alternate amounts, systems included, the material per system, the fixtures, equipment and quantities per system, excluded items and payment terms. If AIA payment documents are required on the project that we are bidding for you, we will provide initial G702 and G703 forms.

Consulting Services

Prior to starting APEC Services, we were in the plumbing contracting business for over 32 years. We can provide consulting services related to your ongoing business operations, job management and accounting programs. We can recommend accounting and legal firms to you that specialize in the construction contracting businesses. We can help you to open new divisions within your company (plumbing service and repair, estimating department, etc.).

Hiring the right person for any job in your company is a challenge.  We provide an interview / hiring method that can help you find and keep the best people to fit your needs and in turn will help your company to be more profitable and ultimately grow into a larger successful company.

Once you hire an employee, and you see potential for them to grow into that great employee that you have always needed, keeping them can be difficult.  We can show you how financial benefits can be offered and the long-term positive effects it can have in making a good employee a great employee.

We are available to come to your location for a day, a week, or a month to meet with you, your staff, or your field personnel.  We can work with you in your day to day operations in your company. We will assess, then provide a report mentioning the strengths of your company as well as the areas that could use some adjustment.

All information that you share with us is confidential.  A guarantee or security bond is available to insure total confidentiality.

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